<so that their predictions and guidance may be closer to reality.

Touching on new developments in the SA, he introduced the concept of ‘Fairly Strong Planets’, and explained how they were different from the already defined Strong Planets. The same is also introduced in the revised edition of ‘The Impact of Ascending Zodiac Signs’, which was recently published. When a Planet, suffers from the weakness of infancy or old age, only to the extent of 30%, then it is considered to be ‘Fairly Strong’. Thus planets having a position of 3º30΄ or 26º30΄ would still be considered to be ‘Fairly Strong’, and it was added that such planets do give results, though slightly weaker. In chart examination, one must therefore bear this new sutra in mind.

Likewise, the kindred concept of ‘mild affliction’ was introduced-as that affliction which arises when the orb of affliction is 4º, so that the severity of such ‘mild afflictions’ will only be to the extent of 20%. This too has been introduced in the new edition of ‘The Impact of Ascending Zodiac Signs’. Prof Choudhry then went on to take up a series of case studies (CSs) for sharing new SA insights. Throughout the first day, discussions on charts was going on, and in all some 48 CSs were gone into. Now and then, some delegates, notably, Deepak Kapoor, Rajesh Hasija, Ashutosh Pandey, Rakesh Shukla, Rakesh Sharma, Kaushik, were bringing up several interesting CSs, and the Professor was explaining the astrological reasons (weaknesses of Planets, and afflictions) for the problems that arose in each chart. For his part, the Professor took up four notable CSs, for illustrating various points, such as malefic transit influences causing cancer, how a professional set back occurs, how remedial measures make a sea change, etc.

CS1:[Oct 22nd, 1958, Phagwara (75ºE45΄, 31ºN14΄), 4:00AM, IST]

This was a Virgo Asdt chart, with Ve exactly afflicted by the Ra-Ke axis in the Asdt H, with Sa also exactly afflicted by Ke in the IIIH, and with exact Nodal affliction to six out of the total of 12 Hs. Natal Sa was also afflicting closely the IVH, XH, and the Asdt H. The individual, though stationed outside India, was performing the remedial measures, to the extent that he could, for the last 6 yrs, and he was in addition also wearing the Kavach-we learnt. As he was in touch with the Professor, it was known that in Jan 2012, he was diagnosed with cancer. The individual, being a Virgo Asdt and intellectually curious [see his Ju-Me conjunction], used to always ask the Professor a number of questions, for satisfying himself as to the causes of his various maladies. The Professor then explained to him that cancer originated during a TSA [Transit Stationary Affliction] in 2011, between the months of May and Aug, when the Tr Nodes had become stationary around 28º, thereby causing a sustained exact affliction to natal Sa and Venus. Further, it was also pointed out by the Professor that in any guidance and prediction, the TSAs occurring in the future should also be brought to the notice of the client. Thus, he had also cautioned his client about malefic Tr Sa currently afflicting his natal weak Su (and vice versa) and also as to how Tr malefic Sa was also bound to afflict the most effective points of the houses occupied and aspected and his natal Ve and natal Ra, when Tr Sa turns around 28º in Virgo, during the months of May and Aug 2012.He also emphasized that such Tr afflictions may occur not immediately, but rather slowly in a prolonged manner, in the course of several months, etc. This CS was also intended to emphasize the importance of cautioning about the Tr afflictions that may happen in the future.

CS2: [Dec 24th, 1968, Gurgaon (77ºE00΄, 28ºN28΄), 6:36AM, IST]

In this CS, one sees a ‘very late’ Scorpio Asdt chart, and with Ju, ruling the IIH of family relations, status, wealth, afflicted exactly by the Ra-Ke axis in the sign Virgo. It was pointed out by the Professor that all the general significations of Ju (including arteries), as well as the IIH significations were bound to suffer on account of the exact affliction. The individual in question, not surprisingly underwent angioplasty in April 2011(during the Sa-Ve sub-period), but that his health did not show an improvement as was hoped for, so the individual again turned to the Professor. Putting him on the path of remedial measures was the most important step, for the Professor held that in almost all cases it makes a sea change. Though the individual had sailed into the relatively better Sa-Su sub-period, it was pointed out that malefic Tr trends, may still work havoc, so the importance of closely studying Tr trends and suggesting remedial measures was considered by the Professor to be of the utmost importance in astrological guidance. For, he said, currently Tr Sa was afflicting natal Ma (signifying health for Scorpio Asdts) in the XIIH, and that in the coming months of May-Aug, later this year the Nodes would freeze around 10º to 11º, causing a further exact affliction to natal Ju as well as the natal Nodes. Thus, CS2, brought home the importance of always examining current and future Tr trends and suggesting remedial measures for them, as well. We were reminded that knowledge of such future Tr trends was a unique privilege of astrologers.

In passing, the Professor mentioned that for Scorpio Asdt people, as Tr Ju was currently travelling in the malefic VIH of controversies and transit Mars (being lord of the sixth house) is in the tenth house it was always better to observe silence[‘silence is golden’], during such Tr periods, lest the Tr trend make us speak something which will land us into trouble. Such weekly Tr trends for each Asdt are always available on the Website of the Professor.

CS3: This was an Aries Asdt chart, with exact Nodal affliction from malefic Ra and Ke, from the VIH and XIIH, respectively. Professor Choudhry had gone to the home of this client, upon request, and found grievous vastu errors, such as a bathroom and toilet in the NE corner, and in addition an appropriately and depressing prominent painting displayed in the sitting room. When he suggested that the said painting should be removed-if things were to improve in their lives, the individual, we were told, were hesitent to immediately remove the picture as they had spent a fortune acquiring the same from a painter. Likewise, the Professor saw a toilet under construction in the NE quarter of the house. Again, they said that they needed that toilet in the NE direction. However, and sadly, the individual was suspected to be having a cancerous development, and Professor now had no other option but to reiterate the urgency of the remedial measures.

With these illustrative CSs, the Professor, requesting the delegates to introduce themselves. Throughout the first day, he continued to go into more CSs, illustrating, many subtle aspects of the Systems Approach. Several delegates also brought up their own CSs, seeking the Professor’s guidance and his final verdict. After this inaugural address, as outlined above, the Professor went on to deal with three distinct themes. Firstly, ‘evils at birth’, secondly, ‘charts showing good fortune’, and lastly ‘charts showing misfortunes’.

In the remaining sessions of the Conference on both the days various case studies were taken up by Prof V K Choudhry, Dr. Miller, Mr. Deepak Kapoor, Mr. Rajesh Hasija, Mr. Davinder Kalra, Mr. A.P. Kaushik, Mr. Praveen Tyagi, Mr. Sachin Mishra, Mr. Rakesh Shukla, Mr. Suresh Virmani and Mr. Nawal Kishore. The following subjects were covered:

1. Evils at birth
2. Early death of father
3. Misfortunes
4. Health
5. Auto Immune disorders
6. Professional setbacks
7. Persons acquiring senior positions with government.
8. Paralysis

The participants were given Conference Mementos. A group photograph was taken.

The Conference ended and the vote of thanks was conveyed by Col. B. K. Kailash (Retired) reproduced below:

Love – Peace – Harmony – Abundance

“This closing is the Start of another beginning?

“Well, on the outset I, on behalf of all of us, offer a deep sensed gratitude to our Gurudev Prof V K Choudhry for the revelations that make us wiser & still wiser.

“For me, and I am sure all my brothers who have participated, this conference, is a precious addendum to the earlier acquired dissertation through streams of fresh & original discernings. This two days of euphoric experience has unquestionably uncovered new dimensions to the hithertofore many unanswered queries. “Dear fraternity, the aim of this conference would be to speed up the Astrological acumen of the participants. At the same time, we understand that no evolution can be affected overnight, meaning it to be a step by step climbing, this conference is yet another major step forward, although, each one of us may independently & dispassionately introspect our personal gains. “I may take the privilege of reminding us of a very important allusion emphasised by Prof V K Choudhry, that virtuous and pious life are pre-requisites of a successful astrologer. We are all representing Him through our Guru Prof Choudhry. This needs a serious contemplation.

“I also need to make a special mention of the rare & noticeable discipline & decorum of timings during the entire period of study.

“With this brief expression of thanks, I, wish you all join a standing ovation to the great soul as Prof V K Choudhry.”

Love Peace Harmony Abundance