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GURGAON (INDIA) - E Mail: vkchoudhry@gmail.com
(Registered Public Charitable Trust).
To explore, upgrade and disseminate the knowledge of Indian Astrology for meaningful applications for humanity.
a) To arrange teaching of astrology through internet and an institute;
b) To publish astrology learning material;
c) To promote teaching and application of astrology;
d) To organise Conferences, workshops and Seminars;
e) To help poor and needy.
In pursuance of the above Mission and Objectives, the Founder of the Trust:
(i) provides free online learning material for astrology, free online horoscope and free weekly horoscope besides giving support to learners on Systems' Approach principles of astrology to the extent possible;
(ii) Organises Conferences for SA Astrologers;
(iii) Helps through donations to the organisations looking after the following category of persons:
* Old Aged needy persons;
* Handicapped persons;
* Widows and women in distress;
* Cancer Patients, Lepers, Polio patients & sick persons;
* Blind Children, poor children & orphans;
* Uncared Cows;


Those persons who are studying astrology or practicing astrology through systems' approach for interpreting horoscopes can become members of the Institute.

Annual membership fee is Rs.2500/- or US$ 50.

Lifetime membership fee is Rs.10,000 or US$ 200.

Members will be issued a certificate of membership.

Those who wish to be part of the Mission & Objectives of the Trust and contribute to the same can contact us at the above mentioned e mail address.

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